Custom Orders

Free Shipping!

Thank you for your interest in rocking a CFranks Custom piece.

When ordering a custom piece you understand no work will be started until a deposit is paid in full.  No orders will be mailed until final payment is made.  A sneak peek will be sent once finished. 

ID Detroit Camouflage or Camouflage Jackets in stock turn time 10-15 days.

ID Detroit Camouflage Jackets not in stock take much longer due to printing. 30 days at it’s longest.

Camouflaged Jackets not in stock 12-15 days.

Adult Blue Jean Jackets must be supplied to guarantee fit.  Turn around once received 10-15 days.

Kids Blue Jean Jackets range from Newborn - 14.

Pricing vary according level of remixing done.

Pricing rage from kids $75-$180  Adult $90-$200

Shipping is Free w/United States

***Once a deposit is paid you will receive a email to follow up with customization.

Jackets are design with the customers input and my CFranks flare of remixing.